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Telecom Comparison

File DownloadFile NameAttachment Description
FRM220-10G-40G-100G-Transponder.pdfFRM220 10G/40G/100G TransponderFRM220 (10G/40G/100G) Transponder Comparison Table
FRM220-1G-4G-Transponder.pdfFRM220 1G/10G TransponderFRM220 (1G/4G) Transponder Comparison Table
FRM220-Converter-Switch.pdfFRM220 Converter & SwitchFRM220 GE FE Converter & Switch Comparison Table
FMC-Series.pdfFMC SeriesFiber Optic Multiplexer Series Comparison Table
FOM-Series.pdfFOM SeriesFiber Optic Multiplexer Series Comparison Table
L2-Ethernet-Switch.pdfL2+ Ethernet SwitchLayer 2 plus Ethernet Switch Comparison Table
Metro-Ethernet-Switch.pdfMetro EthernetMetro Ethernet Switch Comparison Table
EDD-NID.pdfNID/EDDL2+ Switch-NID/EDD (standalone) Comparison Table

Industrial Comparison

File DownloadFile NameAttachment Description
4G_Cellular_Router.pdf4G Cellular Router4G Cellular Router Comparison Table
Ind_Media_Converter.pdInd. Media ConverterIndustrial Media Converter (IMC Series) Comparison Table
Ind_PoE_Switch.pdfInd. PoE SwitchIndustrial PoE Switch Comparison Table
PoE_Injector.pdfPoE InjectorPoE Injector Comparison Table

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