Telecommunication equipment and fiber optic technologies

Measurements and tools

    Optokon started producing measurement equipment in 2004. The instrumentation avoids many problems when building, operating or repairing optical networks. Optokon's range of optical measurement equipment includes:

    - PM212 series pocket-sized optical power meters (the world's most compact power meter in its class);

    - a series of standard optical testers, signal sources and optical multimeters (combining two devices in one case) - designed to measure the characteristics of fiber optic communication lines, attenuation, power level of the optical signal, as well as for the organization of constant optical radiation; a line of measuring equipment for xPON networks with the ability to simultaneously test three wavelengths;

    - optical reflectometers and microscopes for analyzing the quality of optical connector end polishing;

    - POF polymer optical fiber measurement equipment and optical testers for harsh environments - industrial networks, field work, mines.

    Optokon measuring equipment is characterized by ease of operation and configuration. It can be connected to a PC to generate reports.

    More information about measuring equipment in our catalog

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