Telecommunication equipment and fiber optic technologies

Passive fiber optic components

    When building fiber optic communication lines (FOCLs), active network equipment and passive optical components are used. Passive fiber optic elements are important components in fiber optic communication systems (FOCLs). They do not require electrical power for their operation and do not have an active element, such as an LED or laser.  Passive optical components allow for reliable and stable operation of fiber optic networks. The use of high-quality materials ensures maximum efficiency and speed of data transmission over fiber optics, which is important for many modern technologies and industrial processes. Optocon's passive optical components are highly reliable and resistant to external influences such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, and vibrations. This makes them ideal for use in environments with high requirements for reliability and stability, such as aviation, space industry and defense.

    Optocon is a leading supplier of passive fiber optic components in the EU market. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality fiber optic components for any customer need. We offer components that will help maintain the stability of your network and ensure the quality of data transmission.

    Our passive fiber optic components include attenuators, terminators, fiber patch cords, optical connectors, splice adapters, sockets, xWDM spectral compression systems, and xPON passive optical splitters.

    Attenuators are used to reduce the signal strength in an optical network. They reduce the signal strength to the required level and ensure network stability.

    Terminators are components used to close the end of a fiber optic cable. They help ensure the reliability and safe operation of the network. 

    Fiber optic patch cords are used to connect network nodes and active network equipment. They allow data to be transferred between network elements and ensure reliable data transmission.

    Optical connectors are components used to connect fiber optic cables to each other or to active devices. They provide fast and reliable cable connections and reduce signal loss during data transmission.

    Connecting adapters are used to connect different types of optical connectors and to connect fiber optic cables to devices in the network. They allow connecting different types of cables.

    xWDM spectral compression systems are components used to transmit data at different wavelengths of light in a single optical cable. They help to increase the capacity of optical fiber and reduce the number of cables required in the network.

    Passive optical splitters are components used to split an optical signal into multiple directions, allowing the signal to be transmitted to different network nodes. They ensure efficient use of network resources and reduce equipment costs.

    We offer a wide range of passive fiber optic components to ensure efficient and reliable operation of your network. We offer high-quality products from leading manufacturers at affordable prices. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right components and provide advice on the installation and operation of the equipment.

    Attenuators, Terminators, Fiber optic patch cords, Optical connectors, Connecting adapters, Sockets, xWDM Spectral Sealing Systems, Passive optical splitters xPON are the necessary components for building an efficient and reliable fiber optic network. Contact us and we will help you build a network that meets all your needs and requirements.

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