Telecommunication equipment and fiber optic technologies

Telecommunication equipment

    Telecommunication equipment - active network equipment for operation in data transmission networks (data, voice, video, etc.) OPTOKON company supplies a wide range of telecommunication equipment of its own production, as well as OPTOKON-ELTEX, CTC Union, PacketLight and others, for solutions of any level and complexity. We offer optical managed and unmanaged Ethernet media converters - devices for converting electrical signal into optical and vice versa; Ethernet network switches and routers, including those with PoE function, which allows you to power a remote device directly over twisted pair; station and terminal equipment for organizing passive optical access solutions using xPON technology; modems and multiplexers for working with TDM networks (PDH, SDH); telecommunication equipment for organizing VoIP solutions - voice over IP networks; modems and multiplexers for working with TDM networks (PDH, SDH).

    OPTOKON company pays special attention to the line of industrial equipment. Rugged design and the ability to mount on a DIN rail or wall allows the use of these devices in harsh environments, such as industrial data networks, as well as suitable for many applications of military-industrial and general purpose. Management is via Web, SNMP or in-band management with a simple and intuitive user interface for operation, administration and control of the device's many features. Standard models operate over a temperature range (-10 to 60°C) and extended range models (-40 to 75°C).

    An element of telecommunication equipment are optical modules - (transceivers, transceivers). OPTOKON supplies optical modules of all types and standards - FastEthernet, GigabitEthernet, 2.5GbE, 10 GigabitEthernet, 40GbE, 155Mb STM-1, 622Mb STM4, 2.7Gb STM-16, 10Gb STM-64, 1, 2, 4, 8Gb FibreChannel and others. 

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