Telecommunication equipment and fiber optic technologies

Optical distribution systems

    Optical distribution systems are used for convenient switching of fiber-optic communication lines, protection of welded optical connections and storage of technological stock of optical cable (fiber). The distribution systems include: optical distribution panels (ODF) for telecommunication rack mounting, optical wall-mounted boxes for FTTH (fiber to the home) solutions, external-climatic cabinets for operation in harsh climatic conditions with high level of protection against moisture and dust, fiber optic cable couplings and their accessories (welded connection cassettes, sleeves, cable glands and mounting kits).

    Optical distribution panels manufactured by OPTOKON have a modular design and are designed to terminate and weld up to 288 optical fibers within one convenient enclosure. Optical cross-connections and boxes are traditionally equipped with interchangeable front panels for installation of pass-through connectors (adapters). This gives the opportunity to flexibly configure each distribution panel. In addition to the most common connectors LC, SC, FC, ST, any panel can be equipped with such connectors as: E2000, SMA, MT-RJ, SC-RJ and others. The material for the manufacture of crosspieces is: aluminum, galvanized steel and UV-resistant plastic. A wide variety of optical panels, will allow you to choose the most suitable equipment that meets all the wishes of the customer.

    A cable coupling is a device for connecting construction lengths of fiber optic cable or for branching several fibers from a trunk cable. Couplings are designed in such a way as to prevent the influence of the environment on the place of connection of optical fibers, i.e. the coupling is hermetically sealed. Depending on the purpose of the coupling, they are divided into two types: through and dead-end. The body of this equipment is made of durable and at the same time lightweight plastic, resistant to ultraviolet rays. The couplings are completed with special set of splice cassettes for splicing fibers, as well as a set for sealing cable glands.

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