Telecommunication equipment and fiber optic technologies

Production of optics

    Equipment and components for production of fiber optic connecting cords (patchcords, pigtails). The process of optical patchcord production can be divided into several stages: preparation of optical cable with the help of specialized tools, termination of optical connectors on optical fiber with epoxy glue, heat treatment - drying of the glue joint in a curing oven and final polishing of optical connector ends on special polishing machines. OPTOKON polishing machines are most suitable for mass production of optical patch cords (connecting cords) and can polish up to 16 connectors simultaneously. The operator can easily clean the spigots and change the polishing film without mounting/dismounting the holders for high productivity. For small batch production or field work, hand polishing wheels and special tool kits can be used. Cleaning of optical connectors is not only important, but also has a significant impact on the long-term, reliable operation of any network, and of course on its profitability. OPTOKON offers a wide range of accessories and tools for cleaning and maintenance of fiber optic network components. 

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