Telecommunication equipment and fiber optic technologies

Secure Network and Military equipment

    The MILITARY class equipment is designed for operation in harsh environments for military and industrial needs, and is characterized by high reliability and fault tolerance. OPTOKON is a supplier of equipment for the Czech Army and the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), which confirms the reliability, manufacturability and multitasking of the military-industrial complex equipment. The equipment is represented by field switches with multiple optical, copper, voice ports, as well as a rechargeable battery and support for PoE technology, media converters, patch cords with sealed army HMA connectors with ExtendedBeam technology for connecting tactical network nodes, measuring equipment and tools for working with optical cable. As the basis for the construction of this equipment is optical fiber, one of the main requirements is ensured: information security.

    The equipment uses ExtendedBeam technology, which preserves all the advantages of transmitting signals over optical lines in harsh environments. In addition to military optical networks, HMA is suitable for a variety of applications such as heavy industry, petrochemical industry, broadcasting of temporary optical lines. The advantages of the extended beam technology with the precision alignment optical system creates immunity from water, dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants. Most importantly, you can order any equipment for various tasks in your industry.

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